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The Tague EcoHydrology lab focuses on watershed research, addressing the feedbacks among terrestrial vegetation, surface hydrological processes, and atmospheric conditions. We use a variety of techniques to examine the impact of changes in climate and land use on ecosystem health and water resources.
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All are welcome to attend our weekly lab meetings and take part in presentations and scientific discussions. See our Lab meeting schedule & events page for information on each week’s topic or presenter. Meetings are held in the Bren hall lab wing, room 1005.

Afforestation in Pyrenees

A group at the Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología, Consejo Superior deInvestigaciones Científicas  http://www.ipe.csic.es/ in Spain are combining  RHESSys and field measurement to investigate how recolonization of pasture by forests in the uplands might influence water availability and sediment production…a complicated setting with some new grasslands/pasture in the low elevations and increasing forest in the upland.  Streamflow, groundwater and soil measurements show that changes are due not only to vegetation characteristics (greater transpiration capacity by trees relative to grass) but also due to long term changes in soil drainage and storage characteristics …some pictures from a field site visit this week…2015-11-16 17.56.33.jpg2015-11-16 13.02.52.jpg2015-11-16 12.50.15.jpg2015-11-16 10.53.47.jpg

Tague Presentation at Conference on Forest Fire

Dr. Tague presented “Modeling the complex interactions among wildfire, fuel treatments and hydrology” at the 10th EARSeL Forest Fire Special Interest Group Workshop held Novemeber 2-5 in Limassol, Cyprus.

FFSIG (Forest Fire Special Interest Group) Conference Website

European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL)

Lab members participate in CUAHSI hydrology workshop

Last month, three of our lab members participated in the Synthesis Workshop on Hydrologic Processes in Earth System Models, a CUAHSI-NCAR collaboration to improve hydrologic process-representations in the land component of Earth System Models. Two of our recent PhD graduates, Dr. Elizabeth Garcia and Dr. Kyongho Son, and current PhD student Aubrey Dugger, who is currently working at UCAR in the Research Applications Laboratory, had a chance to reunite and collaborate with others from the fields of hydrology, earth system modeling and related communities.

Elizabeth Garcia, Kyongho Son, and Aubrey Dugger

Elizabeth Garcia, Kyongho Son, and Aubrey Dugger

CUAHSI Watershed Science Master Class

This is a week-long course for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and professionals that focuses on hydrologic watershed processes including theory, experimental design, and modeling. The Watershed Science Master Class will be held January 17-22, 2016 at Biosphere2, Oracle, Arizona. Dr. Tague is one of the Instructors, along with  Peter Troch (University of Arizona), Rick Hooper (CUAHSI), Ciaran Harman (Johns Hopkins), and Till Volkmann (University of Arizona). We highly recommend participating in this unique opportunity led by leading scientists in their fields, that also includes experiencing  Biosphere2 and the Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO).

Please visit the website for more information on the course schedule and to register (and there are also a limited number of travel grants available on a first come, first served basis to graduate students and post-docs to help defray the cost of travel to the workshop – so don’t delay!).

See our photo album from the last workshop and visit to Biosphere2

Congratulations Larry Band!

Congratulations to Dr. Lawrence E. Band, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, on being elected as a member of the 2015 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Class of Fellows. Dr. Band is a friend of the Tague Team lab, and was Dr. Tague’s PhD advisor. We congratulate him on this honor.
Read more about the AGU class of fellows